Pour créer une courte vidéo, il est important d'apprendre à rédiger un scénario. In fact, scripts have been around for a long time, and they play an important role in the creation of films and dramas.
For example, in a short video drama, all the people involved in the shooting and editing of the video, including the cameraman, actors, costume preparation, and editor, all their actions and movements are subject to the script, including what time and place, what appears in the picture, how the camera should be used, what the scenery is like, and the preparation of the costume, are all created according to the script.
It is not difficult for a beginner to write a script for a short video, so here are the three steps to creating a short video script.

Étape 1 : Définir le thème

Chaque vidéo narrative doit avoir un thème qu'elle veut exprimer, qui peut être la difficulté de se battre pour un rêve ou l'épreuve d'une relation à distance. Lors de la création d'un scénario, nous devons d'abord déterminer le thème que nous voulons exprimer, puis commencer à créer la courte vidéo, car tout ce qui suivra sera basé sur ce thème.

La deuxième étape consiste à construire le cadre

Avec un thème de base en tête, l'étape suivante consiste à l'affiner pas à pas. La première étape consiste à construire le cadre de l'histoire. Cette étape consiste à réfléchir à la manière d'utiliser une histoire qui incarne cette idée principale. Au cours de cette étape, les personnages, les scènes et les événements sont définis et complétés. Par exemple, si l'idée principale est de montrer les difficultés de l'amour à distance, les personnages pourraient être un couple de jeunes amoureux qui doivent vivre séparément pour le travail ou l'école, et les événements pourraient être que l'héroïne est laissée sans surveillance lorsqu'elle est malade, que les soins du garçon n'arrivent pas à temps, etc. Dans cette section, de nombreux épisodes et conflits de ce type peuvent être mis en place pour illustrer le thème et finalement former une histoire.

La troisième étape est le remplissage des détails

It is said that ‘details make the difference, and this is also true for short videos. A good short video and a poor one may have the same story outline, but the real difference between them lies in whether the details can move people s hearts. The most prominent role of details is to enhance the viewer s sense of immersion and to move the viewer s emotions. With these details, the characters will be more fleshed out.
Once you have decided what details you need to show, the next step is to consider what kind of shots to use, and this is when you write a particular split-screen script.
In addition, in the shooting script, we can break everything down into the following six elements: shots, scenes, content, lines, duration, camera work, props.

Camera shots
There are different types of shots: distance, panorama, medium, close-up, and close-up, so which one of them do you want to use when shooting this scene?
Take a shot of a person; a long shot is the whole person and the environment shot in the picture, often used to show the event s time, environment, scale, and atmosphere. It is often used to shape a large scene.
A panorama is a little closer than a telephoto, showing the entire body of the person in the frame, and is used to show the full body movement of the person or the relationship between the people.
A medium shot is a shot from the knees to the top of the head, which shows not only the expression of the person but also the movement of the person s body.
A close-up is also a shot of a person from above the chest to the head, which is very good for showing the expressions and mannerisms of the person s face or other departments. This includes subtle movements in the corners of the eyes.
Close-ups are shots of the character s eyes, nose, mouth, hands and feet, toes, and other such details, and are suitable for showing the details that need to be highlighted.

Content is the presentation of what you want to say through various scenes. Concrètement, il s'agit de décomposer le scénario et de diviser le contenu en plans individuels.

Here I would like to tell you that in a short video of the 60s, do not let the text exceed 180 words; otherwise, it will be particularly tiring to listen to.

The length refers to the length of a single shot, marked clearly in advance, how long each shot is so that you can quickly find the focus in the post-editing time, to increase the efficiency of the editing.

Mirroring refers to the way the camera moves. Du plus près au plus loin, on fait un panoramique vers l'avant, on tourne vers l'avant.

There are many different props to choose from and many ways to play with them, but it is important to note that props play the role of finishing touches, not adding to the picture. Don t let it steal the style of the subject.
Some multi-scene videos also have to be designed for filming addresses.

Outre les connaissances en matière de script, il est également très important pour un nouveau numéro de vidéo de trouver un créneau qui vous convienne et qui corresponde à votre compte.

Comment positionner une chaîne vidéo

Short videos have now become a national hobby, with Jitterbug alone having nearly 500 million daily active users by 2020. With hundreds of millions of active users, there are millions of videos produced on the platform every day. With so many different kinds of short video accounts, how do we get our content seen by more people?
If we want to be seen and liked by more people, we need to position our account well, which is the most basic step we do when learning short video copywriting. If we don’t have our own Positioning and post whatever we want to shoot, then the platform system won’t be able to tag an account with unclear Positioning, and an account without tags means that the videos you post can’t be recommended to be accurate fans.
From the fans’ point of view, even if your copywriting is good and a video suddenly explodes, but he enters your homepage and sees that your work is a mess, they will not follow you, so the Positioning of your account directly determines the speed of your increase in powder, the way to cash, how much money you make and the effect of attracting traffic, and also determines the style of your copywriting. The more accurate traffic we get, the easier it will be to cash in. The next step I will take is to teach you how to position your account and quickly find the right style and form of copy for you.
Let’s start with a detailed understanding of what new Positioning is.
Positioning refers to the fact that before we start making short videos, you need to be clear about your goals and what kind of image you want to leave in the minds of your users. Positioning is actually a relatively broad concept, mostly found in brand marketing, and refers to choosing an appropriate market position for a particular brand so that the goods occupy a special place in the minds of consumers. Jack Trout, the father of Positioning, said: “Positioning is about differentiating your company and products, forming a core competence. In other words, you need to build your own distinctive brand for your users.
For example, there are a lot of popular genres like Jitterbug, and the most popular ones currently cover the following categories: technical streams, music and dance, beauty, life hacks, emotions, cute pets, spoofs, fitness, food, and so on. If you want to make your video copy unique, you must work hard in the areas you are good at, forming your own unique style and characteristics so that others cannot easily imitate and surpass you and you can be in an absolutely dominant position in this field. You will then be able to compete for a huge pool of traffic and have a better chance of attracting the target fans you want.
I’ll give you a few examples of people you may be familiar with: “Fang Qi KiKi (who is a travel expert),” “Mango and Zhou Zhou (who are funny),” Yizen Xiao Monk (secondary yuan), Long Stomach Fairy (food), Golden Egg Yolk (cute pet), Seven Uncle Brain Master (emotion), Huizi sicca (talent), “Big Wolf Dog Zheng Jianpeng & Yan Zhen Couple (funny),” (with a screenshot of ShakeYin homepage) …… these accounts, they all have their own clear Positioning, or life, or spoof, or emotion …… in the field of short video creation, Positioning is to tell users who you are? What do you do? Your personal IP positioning from the initial impression completely occupies the user’s psychology; this is the process of Positioning.
We just do a short video, especially copywriting white, only know what direction they are suitable to do content, you will have a direction when writing copy, not only can focus and will write more and more smoothly, this is like a friend you are familiar with, you can in the first time think of her physical characteristics, is fat or thin, etc. Account positioning is what allows users to quickly understand who you are and what you do. Through your continuous output of differentiated copy to produce a unique value, thus becoming the reason for users to follow you, they will be more and more impressed with you and even become friends. Every piece of your work is a way to convey your image to your fans, your persona, and a video with characteristics that will deepen your impression in the minds of your fans. When people have formed a deep impression of your image in their minds, they will be able to remember you in countless short videos and, at the same time, identify with your brand and values, ultimately achieving our goal of successful realization.

Cela dit, je crois que nous avons tous une connaissance approfondie du positionnement des comptes à l'heure actuelle. Mais comment planifier notre contenu en fonction de ce positionnement ? Ensuite, je vais vous enseigner la méthode de positionnement en quatre étapes ; tant que vous suivez cette méthode de positionnement en quatre étapes, vous pouvez rapidement créer votre propre forme et votre propre style de copie grâce au positionnement de compte.

Clarify your path to cash.
That is, know what means you intend to profit in the future? For example, bounty, goods, advertising, community services, or knowledge payment.
You need to be clear from the start, which part of the population are you trying to attract? For example, if your product is sold to people in the workplace, then you can make a “white workplace growth.” By clarifying the direction of earning money, your competition circle can be designated as a knowledge IP type of account.
For users, only when there is valuable content will they read it, and only when there is a valuable account will they be willing to pay attention to it. Value can be divided into many kinds, such as visual enjoyment value, entertainment enjoyment value, knowledge acquisition value, and so on. Good-looking, fun, interesting, and practical are the value directions that public users prefer.
Defining your own realization path is actually about creating a persona for yourself in a certain vertical and communicating with your users and fans by constantly defining and strengthening your character. This kind of communication is more of a demonstration of your unique strengths. If you have this advantage and others don’t or can’t match it, then you are the absolute king in this area, and you can use it to your advantage in every video you make and amplify it.
When setting up your persona, you need to think about the following questions: What impression can you give to people? What is your label? What is your character? What is the first thing that comes to mind when people think of you?
For example, the “Big Wolf Dog Zheng Jianpeng & Yan Zhen couple” that we mentioned earlier will come to mind as Guangdong’s chartered in-laws, the kind who own ten buildings, as well as their large set of keys and their strong regional dialect. This is what makes his persona so successful.
This girl, who is uncompromisingly realistic, has a realistic and realistic approach to her videos, and every video she writes is a true reflection of her personal travels. Whenever “travel” is mentioned, anyone who is familiar with her will be able to imagine that her copy is full of poetry and that every one of her videos is impressive. If you go back and watch her videos carefully, you can feel the beauty of the country and the mountains through her copy:
“The clouds break through the sun; you are the beam of light.”
“In my little bamboo basket, there is a handful of summer.”
Such beautiful words as “March of the Flowers” should be reserved for Jiangnan.
…… Hearing her copy, can’t you wait to take a trip that you just want to go on?
At present, Fang Qi’s account can be realized through “soft placement,” “live streaming,” “merchandise window,” “collaborative endorsement,” and so on. In terms of persona, you can create your own account based on your own characteristics, from age, gender, perception, contrast, story, contrast, etc.

Do what you like or are good at; only then will you be able to write your own copy
What others do well, they may not necessarily do well, just like some celebrities, celebrities, KOL-type accounts, and content, the number of likes and fans are very high, but they do not have the image and talent; it is difficult to imitate; and for example, some animation and special effects accounts and content, they do not have the skills, that can not do.
Therefore, when doing account positioning, on the one hand, we have to start from the platform and from the users; on the other hand, we also have to start from ourselves to see what we like to do and what we are good at, so as to ensure the quality of content and continuous output.
Maybe what you like to do is not necessarily what you are good at, but the more you have enough love for it, the more motivation you have to learn and persevere. Enjoying it can also help you fight off some of the negativity that comes with frustration.
It’s often easier to succeed at something you’re good at because you’re more comfortable doing it when you’re good at it. It also helps to combine your strengths with other sensual content to produce content that is uniquely yours and attracts more users.
For example, in the account “Keiko sicca,” apart from being a good dancer, she is also very good at using her appearance and geographical advantages. In her videos, she is sweet, cute, and affectionate, and every little dance video is very infectious.
Only liking and being good at it can motivate us to keep updating. Once there is no continuous and stable update, then the platform will give less weight to you according to the rules and algorithm and give you very few recommendations, and your target users will be easily lost.
In the short video learning process, I have seen too many people who are enthusiastic about learning short videos at the beginning. Because they didn’t think clearly about their Positioning, they gave up after releasing a dozen or so works at random and not getting the expected results. So the ones who really make it are consistent and persistent in the direction they are interested in.
In order to find the right niche, we can select and combine two areas of expression and expression to find the one that suits us and that we are good at.
The expressions include live action, anthropomorphism, cute animals, video clips, 2D/3D animation, subtitle flip, PPT, and seven areas.
The areas of expression include
Beauty: beautiful women, handsome men, cute children
Talent: beauty, dressing, games, music, dance, handicraft, painting, technical streams
Interests: food, travel, animation, pets, writing, sports, fashion, technology, cars, goodies, sports
Knowledge: software, tricks, culture, education, photography, mother and child, health, workplace, creativity, planting
Drama: Funny, Duanzi, Reversal, Suspense, Life, Career, Positive Energy, Interview
Others: information, political affairs, commentary, inventory, evaluation, vlog
You can find a direction that interests you according to the above two directions and then combine them into the direction you want to create.

Find your own benchmark accounts and quickly learn and imitate each other s copywriting routines and styles
If you want to enter an industry, you need to understand who the head of the industry is, their current situation, and their development history. There are now professional data analysis websites that can bring you up to date with the industry, discover what content and direction users like, and learn the popular ‘routines of your peers. The likes of Shake Da Da and Feigua Data are powerful helpers in obtaining industry data and conducting analysis.
To analyze competing products, you can t just focus on each other s copywriting style but also deconstruct and analyze multiple aspects, from the direction of the chosen topic, script structure, filming techniques, video editing and packaging, video titles, and message area interaction, etc. Each section should be analyzed. On the one hand, this is to learn from each other s copywriting skills and, on the other hand, to find points of differentiation that can be surpassed.
Taking workplace knowledge as an example, we can divide the account into three categories: PPT category, anchor single speech category, and real-life theatre category. Further analysis shows that the popularity of PPT is low in the workplace field, while the feedback on live theatre is good in all aspects, so we put the focus on live theatre.
The next step was to determine the data indicators, without which there is no way to quickly define who the learning targets are. There are two ways to determine the metrics: the total number of followers and the number of followers gained by a single video. Par exemple, le nombre de fans qui ont publié dix vidéos a augmenté de 500 000, et le nombre de fans qui ont publié 20 vidéos a augmenté de 500 000 par rapport au nombre de fans, ce qui reflète l'efficacité opérationnelle du compte.

content must be vertically subdivided, do not remember to send friends like; all kinds of content have a variety of
What is vertical segmentation? It is to start from a point, extend vertically, dig down, and select the main business to develop again. One account only focuses on one niche; we have to split the user group, vertical and focused, rather than face a general group to do content. The more you try to cater to all users and do all kinds of content, the more you will find that all users will not like you and will even shut you down.
Vertical, in other words, means avoiding the red sea of competition and doing niche areas. For example, if you shoot funny clips, but there are too many of them now, you probably won’t make it to the top. If you position yourself vertically, add a region, for example, northeasterners in Taiwan funny segments. If you position yourself vertically, you will have a much higher chance of writing a special copy that will be a hit video.
Another example is that we look at short videos popular a thousand of them are beautiful women dancing, look for a long time naturally makes people disgusted. In a shake like Han Meijuan, such an account will be able to stand out. Therefore, in an era of serious homogenization, we must make a distinctive aspect, accumulate our own differentiation in the segmentation field, and thus enhance our competitiveness.
In the field of short videos, “vertical segmentation” means performing in-depth in areas where you are more dominant and then subdivided to show the greatest advantage, i.e., this kind of segmentation focuses more on the display of advantages, but the specific classification still depends on the type of filmed content and the target group.
Content vertical is to determine which aspect of the content you want to do; do not be greedy more. If you do the cute pet category, then send more cute pet-related videos; if you do the special effects category, then your videos try to send more special effects related; if you want to sing, then try to send more singing videos.
Stick to posting vertical content, your copy will only be focused, and the chances of being officially recommended will be greater, and it will look more like you are professional in this vertical. If one of your videos is popular, then subsequently, continue to optimize the same type of video and update the vertical content to help get more recommendations.
There is an account on Jitterbug called ‘Lu Xianren,’ and her account is positioned as a wild model. From the very beginning, Lu Xianren just insisted on posting videos of rural models walking on the runway, which started to make more netizens familiar with her. It was an explosive modeling video that swept the entire network and was quickly made into motion pictures by netizens, which started to spread virally, dominating all major mobile phone screens, and now it’s even so red that it’s out of the circle and on various variety shows.
So if we do a competitive field, then we can segment vertically in that field and produce targeted content for a more segmented audience group. As long as your content and persona are bright enough, you can make short videos with characteristics that belong only to you.