About Us

Vidbravo is an Internet technology startup focusing on online video production. Our mission is to enable everyone in the world to easily produce high-quality videos.
Vidbravo is an easy-to-use online video production tool that has been very popular since it released. Using Vidbravo can easily make a variety of videos, including making birthday videos, wedding videos, baby shower videos, anniversary videos, slideshow videos, and business videos, etc.
Video has been playing a more and more important role in our world of daily life, work and business. Using video to record memories, express emotions, and convey information is becoming a new routine and a new lifestyle.
Our team members are experts worked in various engineer fields and the most professional elites. We are working hard to turn the vision of focusing on creative presentation of visual images into reality. Our team has in-depth research and development and accumulation in computer vision technology for many years.
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